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BradBrad Micklea, VP and GM, Red Hat
I engaged Jennifer for multiple projects over the past two years because she is a great web developer - not only does she have excellent technical skills but she works thoughtfully with her clients to ensure that the technology isn't just up-to-date, but maintainable and appropriate for the site and company's needs. She will gently push back on decisions which she thinks may compromise the usability, performance or maintainability of the site which is very valuable and we appreciated. Finally, she is a well organized worker who is reliable and always engaged us for user acceptance reviews.
ElyssaElyssa Respaut, Project Manager, AmDee LLC
Jennifer and I worked together through different stages of various projects. For each stage she really thought through what the client was asking for and went above and beyond to deliver. Her work was also well designed, presented on time, and received with delight. When there were changes, due to requirements changing, she was prompt at getting them finished. It's been a pleasure to work with Jennifer.
DrewDrew Morgan, Realtor, RE/MAX Star Properties
We had the pleasure of working with Jennifer on a complete re-vamp of our web page to make it more user friendly and specifically upgrading it to a responsive design. Our real estate company relies heavily on mobile traffic and we needed to stay ahead of the curve to retain clients and customers. Jennifer offered an initial consultation where she listened to our needs, then probed deeper to ascertain how she could help. She understood that I tweak the site frequently with fresh content so she created a user friendly interface wherein we can make changes without having to write code—just what we were looking for. The result was she came back with a wonderful facelift of the site, and the responsive functionality we were looking for. We felt she was very fair with her billing as she stayed within our budget and completed the project on time. One more valuable part of her service was her willingness to collaborate with the past web designers and our hosting service which expedited the entire process. We will of course continue to enlist Jennifer’s services for our future needs.
HollyHolly Xiao, Product Marketing Manager, Envoy
Jennifer was a pleasure to work with! She was not only fast at completing all her projects, but she completed them with great quality. Jennifer was a fantastic Frontend Web Developer, who ensured that she completely understands the entire design "story" and then translates those needs into an implementation that any company would be proud to put into production. Jennifer was also very personable and was a true team player, who would be a great asset to any company she works at.
CoreyCorey Gehrold, VP of Client Strategy, Insight Marketing Group
Jennifer is the best. She is quick, easy to work with and understands exactly what you're looking for. Highly skilled and highly recommended!
KevinKevin Darouian, Brand Designer,
Jennifer has a very inquisitive mind that lends itself extremely well towards designing UI and UX Design. It was hard not to notice her high level of consideration and direct approach to solving the tasks at hand. I'm very glad I had the chance to work with her. More Jennifer Louie! :)
KeithKeith Spencer, Senior Editor, Salon Media
When our theater hired Jennifer to work with us as designer, she was able to quickly learn our company design guidelines and styles, and emulate them in her designs. Likewise, Jennifer's original graphic work was impressive. She is an efficient, adaptable designer and a fast learner, and I recommend her highly.
PeterPeter Tomassi, Head of Growth, VIDA & Co.
Jennifer is one of the most professional front-end and graphics people I've ever worked with. She is remarkably organized and thorough with a real desire (and the talent) to build great products.
AaronAaron Glinski, Marketing Director, Lucky Shot Media
Jennifer is an amazing designer with an impeccable eye for composition. She has a great can-do attitude with an ability to get work done fast and efficiently. I would recommend her for any project or task.
JosephJoseph Frazier, Chief Executive Officer, ApogeeINVENT
As part of her career Jennifer worked for our company as an html/css front-end web-developer where her contributions where always greatly valued. She is efficient, on task, always amicable and a pleasure to work with. Her quality of work was consistently substantial and was always executed swiftly and accurately. I expect she will be an advantage to any team she is a part of.
MargaretMargaret Prowitt, Product Marketing Manager, LoanSnap
Jennifer and I worked together on a website redesign and I would highly recommend her for any project. It was so helpful to have someone on the team who was strong from both a design and development perspective. She works really hard and is thoughtful and detail oriented with her work. She is also just a fun, kind and caring person.
WoojinWoojin Lee, Visual Designer, 2nd Address
I worked with Jennifer at two different companies for two years. Jennifer was hard-working, creative, easy to work with, and an excellent communicator. She gave me excellent feedback which made my designs better because she truly understood the design perspective. As a visual designer, I appreciate the way Jennifer turned my designs into working, functional pages that upheld my design intentions and aesthetics. I hope that our paths cross again so that we can once again form a great team. She will be a great addition to any company.
ArtemArtem Skripka, Director of Product, LoanSnap
Jennifer is a unicorn: a hybrid ux designer and web developer. Working with her over the years at Roofstock was great, she always quickly understood requirements, was able to ask relevant questions, and ship pixel perfect stuff in no time, all this while being remote. Small tweak or big feature. Jenn knows what great UX is, is always willing to help the team, and above all is really fun to work with! I would love to have her on our team!
EricEric Strohl, Founder & Principal, Strohl, Inc.
Jennifer excels where many developers do not, and thats with her eye for design and attention to detail. We have the confidence working with her that what we envision will look, operate and feel just as we'd intended. Additionally, her input on how to tackle potentially tricky UI problems made our last project together come out fantastic, making our team look great.
DanDan Garfield, Chief Technology Evangelist and VP of Marketing, Codefresh
Jennifer is one of those rare front-end developers with great design chops. When building responsive sites it can really slow down development to have to create high fidelity mock ups for every screen. Because of Jennifer's design skills we were able to use a single mock up, have her translate it into responsive html/css/js, and iterate much more quickly. Jennifer's a great two in one.
PatriciaPatricia Nicolas, Associate Design Director, Oracle
Jennifer is a delight to work with! She is extremely professional, personable, detail oriented and is full of positive energy. I got to work with Jennifer at Oracle briefly, yet she made a lasting impact! I would highly recommend her.
MattMatt McGinnis, Software Engineering Manager, MINDBODY, Inc.
I had the great pleasure of working with Jennifer on a mutual client's web app where she was responsible for producing designs and HTML/CSS. I really can't say enough good things about her quality of work and value to the team. She is thoughtful and organized, produces wonderful, clean code and was very efficient as well. She'll be the first person I call for new projects and I hope to work with her again soon.
StevenSteven Truong, Success Technical Engineer, ConvertKit
Jennifer is an amazing person. She is diligent and have always produced top notch work. What she doesn't know, she learns very quickly on her own and manages to impress. I'm constantly amazed at her ingenuity and creativity, but above all else, the energy she brings with her to work.
DeeDee Bowers, Marketing Manager, Sensiba San Filippo LLP
I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer on a number of projects and would do so again. Her professionalism, quality work, on-time delivery and attention to detail are phenomenal.
DillonDillon Christensen, Full Stack Engineer, LoanSnap
Working with Jennifer was always a pleasure. Her keen eye for design made it such a relief to know that any stories that weren't fully spec'd out could be realized in Jennifer's careful hands. Many times we'd have issues arise in different parts of the site, but Jennifer could pivot and keep ahead of the demand. She was also precise in following best practices and she was always open to any and all feedback. The best part, in my opinion anyway, of working with Jennifer was her personality. Aside from having an outstanding work ethic, she brought a fun and eclectic mix of hobbies and perspectives on both design and code. Jennifer's kindness and humble attitude makes her a perfect fit for teams that are building products to make people's lives better.
WayneWayne Chan, VP Engineering, 2nd Address
Jennifer did a solid job modernizing our CSS framework, creating structure where none / very little existed before. In addition to creating the core design elements that would be used across the front end team, she also kept them documented, well maintained, and made sure other folks were able to use what she had built out. In addition to being a strong contributor to the engineering team, she also was able to work closely with design & product to efficiently produce a variety of landing pages and implement redesigns. Would hire again.
SreekumarSreekumar Menon, Senior Lead Software Engineer, Roofstock
Jennifer is self driven who is reliable and highly accountable. We worked on the same team in Roofstock . She was a great team player and always positive who always make sure to deliver quality design work on time . Jennifer is not hesitant to question certain design decisions and has given lot of good suggestions to improve the design of Roofstock's website. I highly recommend Jennifer, she will be a great addition to any team.
KshitijKshitij Maheshwari, Product Manager, Tesla
The coolest thing about Jenifer is that she brings in this very unique eye for design and engineering. So, not only does she build excellent stuff, she makes them look better than you have in your mind. Also, she is incredibly dedicated. She juggles so many projects and delivers them with super precision. An absolute delight to work with.
SangSang Yeo, Sr. Product Designer 2 - Serverless, Twilio Inc.
Working with Jennifer has been such a great experience.I highly recommend Jennifer as a developer. She did an excellent job first understanding what we needed, and later implementing it fast and accurate. Jennifer is not only patient, but very knowledgable.
LiLi Chang, Senior Marketing Manager, Expedia Group
If I could describe Jennifer in one word, it would be "empathy". During my time at 2nd Address, I had the unique privilege of working closely with her on numerous marketing projects. From building new landing pages to constructing new HTML email templates, Jennifer definitely checks all the boxes when it comes to have the right technical skills as a developer. However, the part where she really shines is in her empathy. From time to time at 2nd Address, I would ask Jennifer to share with me some of her wisdom when it comes to UI/UX development. And every time I asked her questions, she would skillfully craft an answer that would translate a complex web development concept into something I could easily understand. It is because of her that I was able to strengthen my background in front-end development. I highly recommend Jennifer because she has the empathy necessary to be the missing link between any company's business/engineering teams.
JohnsonJohnson Michael, Senior Software Engineer, Roofstock, Inc.
I worked with Jennifer while at Roofstock. Jennifer is a joy to work with. She was always willing to help the engineers, product and marketing teams with whatever design related work in spite of her already overloaded tasks. I am sure Jennifer would excel where ever she works because of her positive and friendly attitude. I wish her all the very best.
Chung-ManChung-Man Tam, CEO, 2nd Address
Jennifer is a true pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to work with her again. When she joined our team, everything from the pace, quality, to team happiness on the engineering team increased. She built a great working relationship between her team, design, and product management.
AndrewAndrew Bilen, Partner Marketing, Chrome Enterprise (Contract) at Google via Creative Circle,
I've had the pleasure of working with Jennifer over the course of 2 years at Roofstock, leveraging her skills as a developer and designer to support our growth marketing initiatives across every aspect of digital marketing. She is an incredible team player, always willing to pitch in on projects while managing multiple priorities across the organization. Her design and development skillset enabled a small team of growth marketers complete projects efficiently and effectively to scale our acquisition efforts rapidly.
YenaYena Park, Head Of Design & Supply Operations, 2nd Address
She is hands down amazing. I have worked with her over 3+ years through out two different companies. Her impact were huge on both companies - even a senior engineer said "Every startup should have one engineer like her". She is very communicative, articulate very well of her thoughts, detail-oriented, and get things done. She never do things 'just because' or 'quick and dirty' - My favorite part of her attitude/work is that she always think at high level/future how smartly and elegantly code can be done that will be better in a long run while being efficient with priorities/deadlines. She is also one of rare engineers who has visual sense. Her end work always shows harmony of all these qualities she has. She may sound soft but she is a strong/bold unicorn who will mark her spots for any company she works at to be better. I mean greater! I so wish some day, I can work with her again - if any opportunities I see, she will be the first person I would ask to join me!
DeanDean Klotz, Director of Digital Product Management, Bellwether Coffee
I worked with Jennifer in both the capacity of a designer and front end developer. Jennifer always delivered on time and was innovative in solving challenges. On top of being a top notch professional, Jennifer is a kind and honest person and a team player. I would work with Jennifer again and I hope I do.
ShamodShamod Lacoul, Senior Software Engineer, 2nd Address
Jennifer is an outstanding developer. She knows UI at her fingertips. Any issue I had with front-end development, she was my go-to-person and she always got to the solution. I even called her the Queen of CSS. A gem for your company and overall an amazing person.
PouyaPouya Zadrafiei, Front End Developer, 2nd Address
I worked with Jennifer at 2ndAddress. She helped us organize our CSS mess by creating a new framework customized for our needs. She created documents for the team and did a great job updating and maintaining her work. She is a team player and easy to work with.
YuqingYuqing Pan, Growth Product Manager, 2nd Address
Jennifer's unique skillsets of both UI/UX design and web developing is a great value addition to any team. Her designs are innovative, and her coding is excellent. She's one of the most communicative and detail-oriented engineers I've worked with. Even though she is working remotely, we never had any communication issue. It's a great pleasure to work with her.
BernieBernie Lin, Director of Product and Growth, 2nd Address
Jennifer is one of the most motivated and enjoyable person to work with. Her knowledge of CSS and UX design is unparalleled, and her quest to make things look amazing is always appreciated. She's very easy to work with, brainstorm, and you can trust her to get the product created perfect down to every pixel. With her help, our 2nd Address website got a facelift, while also getting a speed improvement because of Jennifer's initiative in reducing the page size and making it more efficient. I highly recommend Jennifer and wouldn't hesitate to work with her again in the future!
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