Hi there!

I'm Jennifer. I also go by "Jen."

Work Philosophy

I believe a team can achieve more together than any one person can. Yet at the same time I strongly believe in the concept of individual contributors and the ability to work autonomously. I thrive in environments that allow for autonomous work, getting things done, and believe continuous improvements is better than aiming for perfection.

How I Communicate

I prefer communication that is timely, concise, clear, actionable (when applicable), and straight to the point. However I don't handle blunt feedback well so a bit of finesse when communicating negative feedback is helpful. I do appreciate thoughtful feedback (positive or negative) and welcome it at all times.

I generally will not form an immediate opinion on any given topic. I prefer to think things through and circle back with a more well thought-out response. I would love to communicate in a way that is helpful for my teammates as well.

Where I Fall Short

I don't work well in rigid structures or in teams that require an abundance of meetings. I thrive in autonomous work and prefer to collaborate where needed with well planned agendas if possible to minimize unnecessary 1-on-1s or meetings.

Where I Thrive

I thrive where I am given autonomy and trust to accomplish the work we've agreed upon based on the scope laid out. I am flexible with needing to make changes as businesses are constantly evolving but this also means that scope must be well defined and in general every team member knows what they are responsible for (OKRs, KPIs), etc. Things move fast and change is unavoidable at times but reducing confusion and giving team members autonomy and trust to exercise their best judgement fit my work style best.

Thanks for Reading

If you made it this far, then thank you for reading 🎉! If you're interested in working together, please feel free to reach out. 🙂🙏

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